A Tool to Help Pick an Essay Topic

Sentences in your Essays are an important part of every literate person’s life and a tool like this sentence checker can really help in the start. They are written by young kids in
kindergarten in the form of short creative compositions and by not so young people in business
in the form of presentations.
Most are however written in one’s student life where one has to churn term papers, dissertations and thesis. For most of the papers, one has to come up with an
essay topic that is both specific yet wide enough for one to be able to research on it.

Essay topics

This is not as easy as it may sound. Settling on an essay topic can be the hardest thing yet one
cannot start the actual writing without it.
It therefore comes as good news that there is a website
that can help narrow down one’s essay topics. It is a free online tool called ‘Essay Topics Generator.’ This website will halve the frustrations of most of the essay writing fraternity.

The Essay Topics Generator: THE Key to Happier Writing

Helps come up with essay topics this free online tool. It can be used by either teachers or
It is accessible to everyone, as it does not require one to login or register. How this tool
works is one logs in onto essaytopicsgenerator.com. On the webpage, there are three empty
These boxes are topic keywords’, ‘topic type’ and ‘subject area’. The only box with no
preset list is the topic keywords box.
One can either leave this blank or type words that he feels should be in the essay title. One then
selects the topic type of the essay.
Is the essay persuasive, argumentative or expository? Here there are several topic types to choose from. If however none defines best the idea one has, one
can simply click on the all button.
The third and last box defines the subject area of the essay.
It is wider compared to the others. The preset list includes arts, tourism, technology, creative
writing among others.
One can also just click on the all subject area if they are unable to define
the exact field they want the essay in or if they are looking for general essay topics.
After all the three or two boxes are filled one clicks the generate button and voila! One has a list of essay
topics from which one can choose one to expound on.
Therefore, this tool is soon going to be all the rage due to its simplicity and functionability.
Here are its pros and cons simplified.


  • The tool is free.
  • It requires no registration or user details.
  • It can be used by virtually anyone, so long as they can type.
  • The webpage is not cluttered making the information and instruction details easy to read.
  • It does not work in a complex way. One does not have to be tech-savvy to use it. It has
  • only one key in area and two preset lists to choose from.


  • The subject area provided is too narrow. It has a few major fields missing like Music.
  • As much as the topic type is wide, the topics generated even when you change it do not
  • vary by much.
  • The tool needs a few touch ups. The topics generated in each search are not so many.
  • They should add a few more topics.

This is a tool definitely worth checking out. Happy writing everyone!

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