20 Free Newsletter Templates to choose from

Newsletter templates help you create news letter emails within a few minutes, the best choice is to create in HTML and in word format.
One could start with scratch but if you don’t have any design skills or you are in hurry to send a news letter to your subscribers with a special layout then either you can start with online tools or you can use a template.
All newsletters are not the same on a special occasions and events you need different layouts for each one.
Despite of whatever service you’re using the HTML or word format our email newsletter templates will help you create the best one.
We recently talked about free online resume builder where you’ll be given a set of layouts to choose from and then edit and modify the text with your own to make it for yourself.
If you need to you can use an online text editor to make and analyse without using a specialized software fot it and in this way the task will be accomplished in timely manner.
Every template is named which actually tell you for which purpose you should use them and how to change the style and design in order to get the most from your followers.
Here are twenty free newsletter templates you can try. They all have their own little style and each may be used for different tasks such as selling or informing. How well they come across depends largely on you and the images you add, the fonts you change and the amount of writing you actually put on them. Here are twenty free newsletter templates to choose from.

Free Newsletter Templates

Now let’s get started to the list, I’ve collected and compiled a sorted list of newsletter templates free. I’ll be giving a short description to each type and then will take you to the web page where you’ll be able to see the preview and demo as well as to download it on your PC.

A list of newsletter templates

Once you have the files then you can edit and customize it the way you want. You’ll need to perform just a few tweaks and then in a minute it will be ready and you can place the necessary information such as images, replacing the sentences and aligning the elements.

Main Feature Newsletter

You will notice that they have used food as a theme for this template and the good thing is that if you have colourful photos to add in than it is still going to look good.

It looks like a simple template but is quite vibrant. Sounds good? Download it here free.

Orange full event acoustic night

Orange full event acoustic right

This current template has a guitar on it and the words acoustic night and would work well in advertising local events and things of a relaxing nature as it does have a calm feel to it. Download it here free.

Orange Autumn

Orange autumn

Here you find your free email templates and they have one called orange autumn which really doesn’t spare on the orange, still it seems to make its point and looks rather nice in the process. Download it.

Red top leaf border

top leaf order

This is a fairly simple looking template which actually looks a little like a menu in a nice restaurant. The title could use a font style change but otherwise, it looks good so long as you do not write too much on it. It’s downloadable here free.

Blue Wave

Follow the link and you will find free newsletter templates.

Blue wave

There is one called blue wave which features a blue wave image that you may replace. It is set out well and is more of a text heavy template. Tip: Generate word cloud and to it to visualize date.Download it here free.

Pink and blue rounded edges

rounded edges pink and blue

This template has a chunk of pink at the top, then black, then blue then grey with a black border. It is not a bad design and may work well with a marketing slant. Also try these pdf converting tools for almost any conversions. Download it here for free.

Pink and black single

Pink and Black

Follow the link and you will see a template that is black with a pink border. It may sound a little tacky but it can be quite classy if you customize it correctly. Here you can also add your ebook cover create using these tools and then place it in front of it. It is very good for notifications. Download for free.

Pink header and footer newsletter template

Pink header and footer newsletter

This template is really more of a female centric template that is well laid out in order to set an interesting article almost as if it was being featured in a magazine. It is very well made. IF the banner does’t sound good then create with these online banner maker tools for free.Download it here free.

Autumn header newsletter

newsletter autumn header

This is not the only autumn newsletter template on this list but it is the classiest autumn version. It is toned down but easy to read with plenty of opportunity for white space inter-spliced with an inoffensive orange. Download it here free.

My Blog newsletter

Blog email

Just like the title says, you can use this tool as a blog newsletter. The grey looks nice but it is a bit of a shame it isn’t lighter because it does make the text marginally harder to read. Still it is well set out and easy to read. Download free.

Lawn Newsletter

Newsletter lawn

This is a pretty looking template that has a formal setting that is easy to read but has a cartoon garden fence running along the top of the newsletter. It is a good looking format and set on white is perfect. Download it here free.

Special offer in green and yellow

special offer green

This is the sort of newsletter template that should be used for a special offer because it has impact that is just short of being offensive to the eye. The colors are easy to adjust to and should be fine so long as you do not write too much on the newsletter. Download for free.

Special discount feature

special discount feature

Despite the name it is actually more suited to a factual newsletter than it is an outright offer. It may work well if the newsletter was explaining and giving logical reasons for the special offer in a mildly more academic manner. Download here.

Maroon and Black company promotion

Company promotion maroon and black

This template takes a light touch because if you add too much writing in the maroon or black bit then it is going to look bad. Plus the template has clear white backgrounds on its images and that is probably going to be the best for yours too. Download for free.

Blue Panels newsletter

Blue panels email

The newsletter is attractive and the white space at the top gives you an opportunity to make an impression before the viewer starts reading the rest of your newsletter. Use charts maker tools to create and add to it.The blue and pink is quite striking. Download here free.

Company Newsletter Big Header

Company newsletter with big header

This is a very well laid out template that is good for getting a few easy to read snippets of information to your customer. It breaks up the page very well so you do not have to strain to read it. Download it here free.

Black and blue elbow panel newsletter

Black and blue elbow panel newsletter

This template has a black top, blue middle with a black sidebar and orange bottom. Use online Photoshop if you’d like to edit and make it more stylish. It may be handy for giving out details on new products or maybe even for naming new staff or giving new details.Download for free.

Mustard Yellow and black company newsletter

Mustard yellow and black company newsletter

This is the template that is mustard yellow with black stripes like a bee. if you’d like to add some drawings then use these tools click here.It is a little hard to look at but once your eyes get used to it then you can see it is a nice template suitable for shorter newsletters with not too much writing. Download for free.

Newspaper 1-column newsletter

This is a rather plain and ugly template when compared with the others on this list, but if you are just looking to communicate with the people on your newsletter list then this is the template for you. Download it for free.

Newspaper 2-column newsletter

Compared to the 1-column version, this version is very well put together and very attractive. If you’d like to add a logo to it then use these online tools.It is still in off-white colors so is not a bright color but is also not offensive to the eye so it is a win on this one. Download it for free.

Summing Up: – These were some of the best and perfect free newsletter templates from which you can choose one for your email newsletter, although they were many so depending upon reason why you want to use select a best one that suite your email letter.
I hope that all of them will be useful for and that you’ll like them. If you need more customizations then you can open each file in notepad or in other HTML editor such as Adobe dream viewer, Notepad++ etc and there you can change the text, headings, can change images and design elements.

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