Five Best Sites to Learn a Foreign Language.

Once you’ve decided to learn a foreign language you begin to search for necessary tools that will help you to study. Today we have lots of them: electronic books, different websites, applications, translators and special communities adding in study online.

A huge variety of such resources and tools causes difficulties as a learner has to spend hours googling and looking for an appropriate website to use. Everything is simple about that: learning a foreign language is not a game or just a hobby – it’s a serious occupation. To do it right you need to choose suitable website that offer effective learning methodology. It should meet your way of thinking and be understandable for you.

best sites to learn a language

As learning strategies are not the same the tools for study differ too. In this post we give a review on 5 best websites that provide free help in learning a particular foreign language.

Learn a Foreign Language

FSI Languages Courses

This Internet resource was developed by FSI – Foreign Service Institute – and USA government. It’s public and independent so using it is free of charge. All the materials are published by qualified linguists who know their job pretty well. They upload useful data by their own initiative.
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  • This FSI website provides a learner with most helpful tools to learn many languages including less known ones (like African languages group).
  • There are audio materials that are a bit blurred but well structured.
  • The graphics of the resource are simple and not bright.
  • Lessons that are grouped into units emphasize on grammar and constant repeat of the material.
  • This site is perfect for those who prefer strictly organized, scientific way of learning and who need to deal with listening and speaking.

2. Memrise 

This website is quite an opposite in design to the previous one. has a special methodic of learning a language based on using the imagination of a person. The resource has been created by community so it’s also free. It combines studying and having fun because all the mems that are used are bright and entertaining.
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  • The site contains thousands of courses types so you can choose the most appropriate.
  • Mems are useful tools for those learners who memorize visual images best of all.
  • All the technologies and methods are quite understandable and clear.
  • You can upload your own mnemonic pictures, cards and schemes on the website to help other people.
  • Still the quality of these materials is not always high as they are created by all users.
  • Memrise resource is recommended to all learners that are visuals.

3. Duolingo 

This site provides a learner qualified and comprehensive tools – possibly, the best free materials that you can find in Internet. The simplicity of courses’ structure and visualization of graphics are the two most significant advantages of it.
Here’s the website to get started, (


  • The method of study used in the resource is based on learning the vocabulary and using it in practice.
  • Learners can take courses in reading, spelling, grammar and speaking – so all necessary activities are set in action.
  • “Immersion” section of Duolingo contains original texts for reading and a special option that help to translate complicated sentences.
  • The drawback of this site is that only 6 European languages are available for learning.
  • Duolingo is a nice resource for those who would like to organize their lessons and make them more oriented on grammar and vocabulary.

4. Busuu

 The Busuu resource is created by world community of learners who are native speakers. It’s also free and non-commercial. Moreover it has a mobile application available. All courses on this website are developed by professionals in linguistics.
Here’s the website (

  • The tools of Busuu have an accent on learning vocabulary and new sentences that are built with phrases.
  • Activities for learners are numerous and helpful. Among them are exercises in spelling, reading, listening, making dialogues and speaking.
  • What is more, the site provides you with an opportunity to connect with other users in Internet so you can have more practice in study.
  • Big disadvantage is that resource has paid options like downloading PDF documents, watching particular video and taking lessons that are focused on grammar.
  • Busuu is suitable for learners who obtain basic knowledge of language.

5. Livemocha 

Livemocha is another free and effective resource. It has its own original methodology that is described as “whole – part – whole”. This method presents new text and its further division into smaller parts, and also reassembles them for proper understanding.
Here’s the website, (


  • You can choose a language you want to learn among more than 35 offered on the website.
  • You can become a premium user of the resource or get credit “teaching” other learners (you should correct their written works and give reviews on their recordings in audio format).
  • Livemocha gives a perfect opportunity to communicate with native speakers and to receive online reviews from them.
  • So the Livemocha site is a resource that has its own scheme of learning a language and it’s oriented on using interactive activities and methods.

Thus you can opt to the most appropriate website for your needs in learning a particular foreign language. As you can see there are lots of different resources for all tastes. All you need is willingness and desire to study.

Yohana Petrovic is a writer and blogger. She has 10 years` experience in educating and now she is a proofreader at  . You can reach her on Facebook: Yohana Petrovic or on Twitter: @YohanaPetrovic  

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