11 Best Free Online Website Builders Organized by its Features

To have an online presence has become the need of every professional entity. The best part is that in the current epoch, to build a website is not an issue. In olden times, the creation of website was quite different. Back in early 90’s, the initial websites were written in HTML language manually. Afterwards, the technology improved and software named Dreamweaver was introduced back in 1998 for the creation of website.
Now it’s 21th century and you don’t even need to use any code editor either it’s plain text coding or pre made blocks to adjust paragraphs, images and other media files but instead to use a website builder where you can drag and drop text, pictures and videos.
You can select from a list of themes and that will be the style and design of your website.

The best thing is that the advancements did not stop here and now you can access many free online website builders for your ease in order to create websites.

There’re many web based applications that you can use to create a website, some are available to use for free while you’ve option to upgrade to get access to more advance features such as adding a custom dot com domain name.

Free online website builders

People, who do not have knowledge about the programming languages including HTML or CSS, now can also create websites with the help of free online website builders.

Building a website scenario

These website builders offer pre-loaded templates with countless features to facilitate the creators during the process of site creation. If you are also looking for free online website builders to create an amazing website then 11 best free online website builders are as follows:

1- Webydoat

An image from webydo website

Webydo is an amazing free website builder, which assists designers to creation HTML based website without any coding. This tool offers the full control on the design of the website including its backgrounds, fonts, image optimization, and much more. Using this handy website builder, the designer can make any website live by just few click.  Also try these sites to create a portfolio website free with a few mouse clicks and design it the way you want it looks.

2- IM Creator

an image of IMcreator homepage

IM Creator,Now you can create a user-friendly website without getting into HTML, CSS, or even JavaScript. For this, you just have to get IM Creator website building tool, which is available for free. This amazing website builder offers a wide range of creative templates with easy to use features. The best part is that all templates available in this website builder are optimized for search engines. If you want to upload a custom banner then use these banner maker online free tools and create one then simply upload and you’ll have a custom banner.

3- Yola

Yola site homepage

Yola is an award winning website builder, which gained a lot of popularity among designers because of its flexibility and easy to use features. With the help of this amazing website building tool, you can customize your website by just availing few drag and drop options. Also try these video editing online tools for no cost services and once you done then upload to your website.

4- Wix

wix website creator

Wix website maker,These days, creating flash websites is in trend. Many people think that creating such websites is quite technical. The creation of such sites can be technical if you do not know about Wix. Wix is basically an online website builder, which can be used to create flash websites with ease. Also try these best free conference call online services.

5- Web Start Today


WebStartToday,With the help of this website builder, the user can access almost 1000 templates. The best part is that the user can avail different color schemes with each template. Apart from standard templates, Web Start Today offers some responsive templates too, which assure that they will work well not only with the screen of desktops but also with the mobiles and tablets. You might be interested in these file sharing online websites where you can upload your files and then link to your website without hosting on your own site.

6- Carbonmade

Carbonmade is a simple and interesting to use website builder. This tool is SEO friendly and allows you to create website without knowing much about any programming language. Moreover, it allows the web designers to add photo gallery and many other amazing features in their website. Last but not the least, Carbonmade allows its users to access Google Analytics Statistics to keep an eye on their site popularity.
To test the speed of your website then use these tools and use suggestions to improve the loading time.

7- Weebly

An image of weebly blog builder

Weebly offers more than 100 templates and various widgets to create website. The best part is that this tool allows its users to make edits in the programming language of the website to customize the site efficiently. Here’s the list of HTML5 tools for web designers, also try them to design your blog more.

8- Webnode

an image of webnode

Webnode is one of those free online website builders, which allow the users to make a selection of template according to the website they want to create. These sites can be for personal use, business use, or for e-shopping.  The tool is easy to use and offers customization too.
Here’s the list of website optimization tools to improve the SEO of your website.

9- SnapPages

an image of snappages website builder

SnapPages is best site building tool for those, who want to start their blogs and use social media plug-ins for free. It also offers cloud-hosting feature. In simple words, SnapPages is the website building tool of the modern era.
To track your visitors then use web analytic tools to know from where visitors are coming and the number of unique visits.

1- uCoz 

Ucoz website builder

uCoz website builder review, is basically an advanced SaaS platform, which means that uCoz allows the users to create a website without wasting their time in learning installation of CMS, setting up hosting, or any similar technique. The website, which you will create via using uCoz tool, can sustain unlimited web traffic. Moreover, this tool offers 400 MB disk space and much more. Use CSS editors online and HTML free to make style sheets on the web.


website maker image moonfruit

MoonFruit, If you are looking for a website builder with which you can customize the layout of your website with ease then Moonfruit is the right website building tool for you. This tool is optimized for search engines and offers complete ecommerce features. Moreover, a wide range of distinct templates is and you can choose any one based on your requirements. We recently talked about website design tools where we mentioned moonfruite.

All these above-mentioned free online website builders have gained a lot of popularity within no time just because of their amazing features. However, every tool has its own pros and cons, thus, the recommended approach is to select the website builder as per your requirements.

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