3 Best Free Online Word Processors

Online word processor comes in handy when you did’t install Microsoft word on your computer and need an important work to be done. It could be due to you are on some one else PC that did’t have MS word installed or time is running and you freshly installed a new OS on your machine.
Downloading and installing a software in our case MS Office takes lots of time as well as installing it takes tons of time so if you’ve internet connection then you can use a web based word processor application to accomplish your task.
Here’s another list of free word processor softwares for windows and mac Microsoft word alternatives.
So far we published so many web based apps that makes your life easier than ever before such as creating charts with online diagram tools and graphs or using project management tools online instead of downloading and installing some softwares on your PC.
Word processors online are very similar to desktop based softwares and they have almost all features you need, here’s another free online photoshop that is similar to desktop based software but convenient to use and timeless.
Here in this post I am going to share with you the most popular and best free online word processors to make a choice and use whenever you need.

Free Online Word Processor

Now let’s get started to the list of word processor online tools and applications that you can use to write documents and edit without using any software for it but a browser based app.
I’ll be giving a short description to each one and then will take you to the web page where you’ll be able to actually use it.

online word processor

Although there are many word processor online applications but I’ll be sharing with you only the best and that are high rated.

Google Drive

word processor from Google drive

Google Drive, Previously named Google Docs (Docs.Google.com). Google drive provides you all types of word processing facilities, You can create and edit word documents, Power point presentations (ppt), Spread sheets, forms and drawing online easily and quickly. Simply login with your Google account and click create, you’ll have options to select one.

Zaho Docs

Zaho docs, Another free online word processor to create and edit documents and once you’re done to save on your PC. Compare to Google drive it has almost same features. To get started you’ll need to create an account.
Also try these best free online text editor to analyse and edit text. Here I’ve listed about 18 web based online tools to check out.

Shuttterborg online word processor

shutter burg create word document and edit

Shutterborg is easy to use word processor available to use for free online. Click here to get started. Simply open a document from your own PC or create a new. It has many more features and the best I’ve noticed is that it is easy to use.

Learn more about 7 best free word processor programs, http://www.wordprocessorfree.com/list-of-best-free-word-processor-programs.

These were some of the word processor online tools to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentation and forms. I hope that they will be useful for you and that you will get benefits from them. Although there are many more but mostly retired their services and are no more available to use. Personally I use Google drive but Zaho docs and shutterborg are also worth to try and use.
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