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The Best Tool to Check Duplicate Photos in Picasa

On many occasions you would find duplicate copies of your original photos in the Picasa or the Google Photos (the newest photo backup service from Google). If you’re looking for a quick and secure way to tackle this problem, this article

Free Photoshop Online Photo Editing Tool

Using adobe Photoshop free online comes in handy when you’re out of home and have’t access to Adobe Photoshop desktop software, you might not installed it on your own PC or have some urgent work to be accomplished in timely manner.

Four free Microsoft Word alternatives you can use today

Many of us generally believe that the use of Microsoft Word has become such a routine that we are simply locked on to it. The software and brand have got such a perception, that it makes people think there is no

6 Free Flash Cards Maker Websites That Aren’t Ordinary

Studying for a test rarely goes without stress and struggles. Students have to memorize tons of information they may (but probably won’t) need in future. There are many modern tools that help them study more effectively, but the classic method of

5 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers to Help You Make a Choice

Cloud storage now plays a crucial role in your modern, mobile lives. With more and more people using multiple computing devices like computers, laptops and smartphones, it seems absurd to have your data locked away in just one device. Cloud services

13 Online Marketing Tools Every Internet Entrepreneur Should be Using

Entrepreneurs all around the world are increasing at a surprising speed. Everyday, ton of startups are being emerged with the promise to make things better for us. An entrepreneur is basically a one man army and without the right tools in

11 Drawing Online and Sketching Tools Organized by its Creativity Features

Drawing online using web based applications and tools comes in handy when you aren’t on your own PC or did’t install some graphic designing software such as Photoshop or any other computer program that can do this sort of work. Although you

10 Powerful Tools For Building Flawless Online Quizzes, Polls & Surveys

Internet has outgrown as an excellent source of learning. You can access ample number of websites for gathering information about various aspects of education. Both, teachers and students have been thoroughly benefited from the emergence of online surveys and polls. While

5 Best Free Online File Sharing Websites That Supports Large Files

Online file sharing services offered by websites on the internet help you upload large files and share with your friends, it can be accessed and downloaded from anywhere and anytime. With these kind of services you can upload files in bulk

RationalPlan: Collaborative Project Management Tools

Rational Plan project management tools are one of the top tools for project team members and administrator (project manager), so dynamic with all the practical needs you can name.Today we’re going to talk about all 4 products Rational plan offering on