10 Powerful tools which will change the way you approach content creation

Content writers are in constant demand of tools, apps, and websites that would make their work easier. The needs of contemporary readers are not simple; writers have to find a way to preserve the attention with a great load of useful information in a relatively short text.
Although content authors have to write new posts on a daily basis, they are not always writing about something new; they need to make the old topics relevant again.

That’s not an easy goal to achieve. If you are facing any difficulties during the process of content creation, the following tools might help you surpass them!

1. Portent

Let’s start from the beginning: you have an idea about a new publication, but you cannot think of a catchy title? This tool is what you need. All you need to do is provide your theme, and Portent will offer as many randomly-generated titles as you need. The chances that you’ll like at least one of them are huge.

2. Copyscape

This plagiarism checker is an inevitable addition to any content creator’s toolkit. Before you publish or submit a new post, you have to make sure it’s 100% authentic. This is one of the most effective plagiarism checking tools currently available online.

3. PapersGear

You need help with a particular subject you’re not experienced with? At this website, you can hire a professional writer from the suitable niche to assist you with the creation of the content. In addition, you can also hire an editor who will make your work perfect. When you’re in front of a tight deadline and you need to elevate the quality of the posts you write, PapersGear is the tool to use!

4. ThingLink

Unfortunately, the collective attention span of Internet users is declining with the speed of light. Thus, you need to think of a way to maintain their interest in the content you publish. ThingLink is enables you to create interactive images, maps, posters, catalogs, and other types of visual content that will boost the appeal of your text.

5. Canva

When you’re looking for a new way to spark the interest of your readers, try creating an impressive design with Canva. The tool can be used for blog graphics, Facebook covers, posters, presentations, invitations, flyers, and business cards. You don’t have to be an experienced designer to start creating appealing designs with the help of this tool.

6. Creativity Portal

A daily dose of inspiration won’t hurt any writer, right? When you’re empty-headed, try exploring this platform and you’ll get new ideas in no time. The posts include writing tips, creativity boosters, personal experiences with writing, prompts, interviews, and much more. Hint: you’ll love the Free Stuff section!

7. Copyblogger

Since there is always room for improvement in a content writer’s work, you should definitely follow the updates at this website. The course named Copywriting 101 is recommended for all online authors who want to boost their skills in this niche. Even the most experienced content writers consider Copyblogger to be a relevant source of tips and information.

8. GatherContent

This website planning tool will help you change the appearance of your website in a way that would work better for your visitors. The drag-and-drop method makes the tool easy to use, so you won’t waste a lot of time to organize or restructure the content at your site.

9. Grammar Girl

This website offers in-depth tips and guidance for anyone who’s interested in improving their vocabulary and grammar skill. Boosting the quality of your writing is a proven way of attracting more readers, so pay attention to Grammar Girl.

10. Piktochart

Have you ever created an infographic to accompany your content? You should! Piktochart is a tool that makes infographic creation as simple as possible. You’ll be able to choose your theme, images, and other elements to customize the design to your preferences.

Now that you know which tools can help you become a better content writer, the next step is yours. Start

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