The Best Tool to Check Duplicate Photos in Picasa

On many occasions you would find duplicate copies of your original photos in the Picasa or the Google Photos (the newest photo backup service from Google). If you’re looking for a quick and secure way to tackle this problem, this article will help you.

From where do you get duplicates?

Upon installation, Picasa searches your computer for photos and wallpapers. A database is created to store information about these files. If something goes wrong while adding these files, this results into duplication of original images in Picasa-made new folders.
Although we agree that duplication of image files in the library isn’t entirely fault on the side of image organizer alone, downloading same photos from the Internet, copying same photos from someone’s USB flash drive also lead to the duplicates. It’s not uncommon especially if you’re frequently editing your photos and organizing them.

Moreover, system and files backup applications create an identical copy of your Picasa images (depending on what you chosen to backup) and store them in separate directories each time they create a backup. There’s no meaning to have same multiple versions of the same file in the form of old backup.

Why you shouldn’t ignore the problem of Picasa duplicates?

Though Picasa has a robust setup for organizing digital images library, it still lacks adequate features to tackle the problem of duplication. Over time, your library accumulates identical photos and occupies a massive storage of your hard disk. Apparently, you run into low disk space issue and Windows/ some applications might run slow due to inadequate storage space to process required data., so if you need a tool that can work as photoshop And if you’ve already subscribed to a cloud-based photo sharing plan, additional storage might cost you some penny. Cleaning duplicate Picasa photos is the best economic and cost-effective way to avoid buying a new External Hard Disk just to store your additional photos. A well-managed images collection also makes it easy to view photos without any difficulties.

How would you tackle the problem of Picasa duplicate photos?

Manual Way

Analyse the contents of Picasa-created folders preferably in Pictures, My Documents directory, and compare each file with others. Activate the Preview Pane from the View tab in the Ribbon interface to simplify your task.

Using the Details Pane, you get image details including name, date taken, tags, ratings, dimensions, size, title, and much more. Although you can remove duplicates manually, it’s still inconvenient and extremely time consuming task.


This is somewhat user friendly and most recommended method. Moreover, it ensures you don’t lose any of the original images as the software used powerful scan algorithms to accurately identify dupes.  Although it takes some time, it’s still reliable and preferred worldwide.

Step # 1: Download Sorcim’s Clone Files Checker, and launch the application.
Step # 2: Use the list box on the left to add Picasa folders for the scan. We recommend adding Pictures, My Documents, Downloads folders for optimum results.
Step # 3: Ensure the “Custom” option is selected, and “Images” box is checked. This will save your time since your user folders likely contain lots of other downloaded files.
Step # 4: Start the scan and wait till a Results Box appears on your screen. You’ve two choices:
a. Quick-Fix: Completely automated process. Prompts you to Move files to Recycle Bin, delete permanently, or move to some folder.

You’ll be asked whether to process newer or older versions of Picasa images.

b. Review & Fix: To be on safe side, choose this option to get complete details of all duplicates including file names, image previews, locations, and so on. No action will be taken unless you check-up files you want to delete/ move. Again, the deletion/ file move options remain same.

Why Clone Files Checker?
Backup: This is an extremely important feature that many freewares lack. Prior to deleting any image file, it will be backed-up automatically so you can restore it at a later time.
History: Get complete details of files removed, scan stats and actions taken.

Instant Scan: The scan doesn’t take longer time – hardly a few minutes to scan user folders.
Hassle-free: No need to manually review any files. All the results appear on your screen.
Export Info: You may also export the list of all duplicates in a Comma-separated file.

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