5 Free Online Whiteboards That Are Collaborative Too

These real-time collaborative, drawing online with interaction tools can make everyone’s work easier, whether they be teachers working together with their students or a group of colleagues working on a project together. Not everyone can be at the same place at the same time and these tools just make everything so much easier and faster for them.

Here are the top 5 free online whiteboards to allow different people to collaborate with each other in real time from different parts of the world. There are a wide variety of collaboration tools, from helping you brainstorm to draft concepts.
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Free Online Whiteboards That Are Collaborative Too

1. Twiddla

Twiddla - Free Online Whiteboards That Are Collaborative Too
Twiddla‘s beauty is in its accessibility and simplicity: no downloads or plugins, no advanced scheduling and no need to work around complicated firewalls. It also provides a variety of tools. You can easily add a document, webpage or an image as a background to markup. You not only get a chat option, but also an audio conferencing capability. Furthermore, a pen width tool, shapes tool and color palette tool are also available, with the ability to insert text.

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2. Vyew

Vyew - Free Online Whiteboards That Are Collaborative Too
Vyew has a feature that you can invite others to your whiteboard session and limit how long they can collaborate with you as well as choose between 4 roles for them: Moderator, Collaborator, Reviewer and Viewer. You get a variety of tools to vary colors, styles and widths of pencils, add text and shapes and edit whatever you have drawn amongst other things. Users can access and contribute to your whiteboard anytime they want. for collaborative word processing editing this is amazing.

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3. Scribblar

Scribblar - Free Online Whiteboards That Are Collaborative Too
Scribblar is a great tool for collaborating with others. You can easily invite others and use a whole range of tools to edit and draw. You can also use voice or chat to talk with other participants. Scribblar is best for creative brainstorming and online tutoring. In fact, it is being used by students, teachers and schools in more than 25 countries.
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4. Sketchlot

Sketchlot - Free Online Whiteboards That Are Collaborative Too

Sketchlot is a free online collaborative whiteboard tool can be used by any device that has a web browser. It is aimed at teachers and students. Teachers can create their own accounts and add students to that account. Each student will get his their own login credentials, which they can use to access the teacher’s drawing and contribute to it. Teachers can create as many drawings as they want and share them to all of the students at
once or at an individual basis. Students can also create their own sketches to share with the teacher.
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5. Realtime Board

Realtime Board - Free Online Whiteboards That Are Collaborative Too

Realtime Board is a great tool to host collaborative brainstorming sessions. With this tool, you can work with any content on the board either with the team or individually. You can work with images, draw, post videos, write notes, comment on materials, and post and mark PDFs. You can even import files from your Google Drive account. A free education version is also offered, which provides schools all the features of the Pro version but for free. So schools can have an unlimited number of participants, 3GB of storage space and unlimited public and private boards.
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These are some of the best free whiteboard tools that allows you to create free video without any upfront cost. Let us know how you feel about these tools.

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