GetResponse VS MailChimp — Which One Is Right For You?

If you are doing an online business or you are running your own blog, then email marketing as well as list building will be great to expand your business. There are thousands of email marketing tools available out there, with hundreds of features to facilitate their customers. Most of us know the importance of email marketing but still don’t pay much attention to the collection of emails from online traffic. Let me tell you, that top email marketers pay more attention to collecting the emails and building their contact list. If you are serious for your online business, trust me and start building your email contact list now.

But the most important question in the mind of the beginners is which is the best email marketing tool for newcomers? GetResponse, AWeber, Vertical Contact, Constant Contact, MailChimp and etc are top email marketing tools with the best services. But in this article I am going to compare two best email marketing tools. GetResponse and MailChimp. Both have their own features and working. Let’s compare their features in details and decide who the winner is.


GetResponse is one of the best email marketing tools ever. It is providing its services in 180 countries along the globe.

GetResponse is the email marketing tool meant for serious users who want to use email marketing tool to make profit out of it. GetResponse will be offering you number of features like, free trial, better split testing, 99% deliverability rate, landing page creation, templates, stock images, social media integration and much more. We will be discussing the details in the below article.


MailChimp is no less than GetResponse. It has its own features that make it one of the perfect email marketing tools for beginners especially.

Let me tell you the interesting information regarding MailChimp that 9 million people are currently using MailChimp as their email marketing tools and they send 6 millions emails every day. These statistics will give you the rough idea, that how much MailChimp is popular among people across the globe. Let’s Discuss its features in details.

GetResponse is better than MailChimp, Why? 

From the above introduction, some of you must be thinking that MailChimp is better than GetResponse, but in reality trust is opposite. GetResponse is a way better because:

1. MailChimp doesn’t enable its users to send email autoresponders to your subscribers. This is very serious issue for people who are using MailChimp. Because it won’t let you to build much engagement with your email list.
2. Secondly! If you are okay with this auto responder factor, there is another drawback. MailChimp doesn’t enable its users to send affiliate links using their email newsletter. Yes a serious issue for the people who want to make profit out of email marketing tool. And if someone of you to do, MailChimp is going to deactivate your account without letting you know.
3. MailChimp prohibits its users to send anything offensive to its subscribers. Like slang language, stuff related to pornography, emails promoting illegal services or products and marketing any product without permission etc.

Free Trials: 

Well! GetResponse offers its users a free trial of 30 days. You can use each and every feature of GetResponse during this free trial period without providing any credit card details in advance. And once you get satisfied with it’s features you can go for up gradation. Talking about MailChimp. It will be offering you free trial of 30 days with limited features. You can send 2000 emails to 12,000 subscribers during a month. I guess its enough time to judge working of any email marketing tool.


That’s the important factor of any email marketing tool of course. GetResponse and MailChimp both have different pricing plans depending upon the number of emails and number of subscribers. GetResponse pricing plans starts with $15 per month that enables you to send emails to 1000 subscribers in a month.

The great thing I love about GetResponse is that it does not limit you when it comes to number of emails. You can send unlimited number of emails to 1000 subscribers every month. GetResponse will be offering you different discounts too. For example if you are going to avail yearly package you will get 18% discount on that.  Below the details of pricing plans have a look on them.

MailChimp on the other hand is not that bad when it comes to pricing. Its pricing plan starts with $10, offering you to send emails to 500 subscribers per month. It also has different pricing plans depending on the number of subscribers accordingly. Following are the details of MailChimp pricing plan. Have a look on it.

So there is draw between GetResponse and MailChimp when it comes to pricing war.

Deliverability And Interface: 

Deliverability means the number of emails that actually reach to the inbox of your subscribers. When we compare deliverability rate of both GetResponse and MailChimp. Both have good deliverability rate i.e. above 95%. It means more than 95 percent emails successfully reach into the inbox of your subscribers.
Both GetResponse and MailChimp have an attractive interface. If you want to go for minimalistic approach I will recommend you to go for MailChimp because GetResponse is little compact. MailChimp has an advantage over GetResponse because it has bold text and up to date email templates. On the other hand GetResponse has edge over MailChimp when it comes to iStock images. GetResponse offers its users thousands of stock images that can be added up into emails. In addition to that GetResponse also have an edge over MailChimp when we compare templates of both email marketing tools. GetResponse has 500 built in templates whereas MailChimp only have 300. Both email marketing tools enables you to create your own email templates by using HTML code. One more drawback that I have found in MailChimp is that, it has more space between lining that looks awkward to me and MailChimp doesn’t even offer any option to modify it. Though MailChimp is very close to GetResponse in this war but Still in my opinion GetResponse is more easy and simple in use.

Mobile Apps:  

Both GetResponse and MailChimp supports mobile apps.

These apps help you to control your online campaign even from mobile. Both email marketing tools enables you to design your campaigns even on your Smart phones. In addition to that these Apps are supported by both iOs and android.

Customer Support: 

GetResponse and MailChimp both email marketing tools offer customer supports for its users. Both offers customer support via emails, live chats, phone calls and etc. In addition to that you can visit online websites and blog of both email marketing tools for further details
GetResponse customer support team is active 5 days a week from 9 AM – 5 PM. Moreover it will be guiding you on each step using video tutorials. Moreover it also has social media support You can share your online campaign on social media websites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and etc.
The main difference between GetResponse and MailChimp comes when we talk about languages. GetResponse supports different European as well as 10 user panel languages. MailChimp services are also present on its websites and you can always visit their blogs for further information. This feature of GetResponse makes it more convenient for its users.

Why GetResponse 

I believe that MailChimp is no doubt a perfect email marketing tool for beginners. But on the same time I will recommend you guys to go for GetResponse if you want to make profit out it. The reasons why I am recommending GetResponse are:

  • Mobile responsive email templates.
  • Mobile apps
  • Better analytics
  • Great autoresponder
  • Comprehensive segmentation options
  • Social sharing tools
  • Split testing
  • RSS / blog to-email functionality
  • 500 Email templates. 
  • Time machine feature
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