4 Tactics to build a Great Instagram Profile

Instagram has become the 3rd most popular social network with over 600,000,000 monthly users.

Instagram has also emerged as a profitable prospect for marketers, probably due to the fact that it offers the highest rate of user interaction with brands as a percentage of brands’ followers (as per Forrester Research inc.)  

Whether it is for socializing purposes or marketing purposes, an Instagram user must have a credible profile either way.insta

For individuals, a decent Instagram profile would aid their personality and would help their profile grow.

For marketing purposes, a credible profile is a must. A brand must have a seemingly-professional profile, to influence and attract users, who are more likely to trust well-maintained profiles.

Below are the techniques that you must consider and utilize, to revamp your Instagram profile.

Simple profile or Business profile?

Instagram has finally decided to supplement marketers. They recently launched their business profiles, as part of their Business tools project.

Business profiles are separate profiles for businesses operating through Instagram. Business profiles offer quite a lot of features that are likely to aid businesses’ operations.

While setting up a profile, you must consider the option of business profiles.

If you are creating an account for socializing, sharing and connecting purposes, you must go for the simple profile.

If you are setting up a profile for business purposes, it would be bizarre not to avail the Business profiles feature.

This feature amends your account a bit, adding a few useful options.

Business profiles offer a contact button, which will appear near the top of the profile.

It also offers options including direction and operating hours.

Catchy Bios

The bio you provide is probably the first thing that any user scrolling through your profile is going to see. Hence it must be written thoughtfully.

Your bio must be catchy and interesting. It must include content that will force bypasses to stop and stare. You may use emojis to make it interesting.

If our profile is a brand page, its bio should also be briefly informative. It must provide sufficient information about the brand. It must also exhibit professionalism and positivity.

Brand pages are advised to include links to their websites, blogs or other social media presences, in the bio section.

You can also consider using specific keywords, to target your niche audience. If you know your audience well, you can include keywords that are likely to draw their attention.

Beautify your posts!

The Instagram editor is no rocket science! This simple editor adds a magic touch to your pictures. You must try to avail the editor while uploading posts on your page. Even the slightest of editing and filtering make the posts look more attractive.

However, you must not over-edit your posts. Adding a poor combination of filters to your pictures makes them look shoddy, for example, if you’re uploading a piece of photography, over-editing it may hide the original charm of the picture; hence, it must be avoided.

Also, try to obtain high-resolution images only and add a watermark of your logo where necessary.

Popularize your profile

The number of followers on any Instagram page is probably the best indicator of its popularity and credibility.

Instagram users are more likely to trust pages with a higher number of followers and likes.

To improve the integrity of your Instagram profile, you should strive to get more followers.

Spending a few bucks on the promotion of your brand would prove highly beneficial in the long run.

You can purchase Instagram followers, which are being offered at reasonable rates by various Instagram tools.

You may also fabricate marketing and sponsorship contracts with famous people including celebrities or Youtubers, for the promotion of your page.

Interact with your followers

A brand page must keep its audience engaged, as it will create an up-market image.

Initially, you must post regularly. You may use Instagram tools to schedule posts or hire admins for that purpose.

You can also choose to reply to your audiences as it will make them feel ‘recognized.’

Nevertheless, the best way of interacting with your followers and keeping them entertained is to conduct giveaways. Instagram users are very likely to respond to posts mentioning giveaways and competitions.

Considering the above-mentioned factors and techniques, you can create a flawless and more credible Instagram profile.

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