Top 10 Technology Tools to Make Education More Interesting

Teachers face many challenges today. Students are becoming more difficult to manage, teach and inspire, while the curriculums are getting more challenging by the semester. In addition, educators feel pressured to start using technology tools in order to be in pace with the changes in education and adjust their teaching methods to students’ interests.
There are numerous educational tools you can choose from, but we will save you a lot of time by listing the top resources that will make you a more effective, more inspired and “cooler” teacher.

Writing House

Writing house homepage

Writinghouse, Many students may find their textbooks boring and unexciting, so you may want to spice things up and write the lessons in a more fun way they will relate to.
However, you will have to pay attention to academic referencing, because you will definitely want to use verifiable sources and cite them properly. This is the hard part because memorizing the referencing standards requires a lot of time. However, Writinghouse comes to the rescue as an automatic bibliography and citation generator. Did I mention that it’s free? I’ve also posted such type of tools, the grammar check tools online, also try them.

Tutors Class

Tutors class figure

TutorsClass, It’s clear that all students have specific talents and obstructions in the learning process. Tutors can be helpful in all situations: they can help a student work on advancing their skills and interests; as well as help them understand concepts they have difficulties with. Recommending TutorsClass to your students will result with great advancement in their learning progress.
Also try these tools to make online quizzes, lessons and polls and make some choices.
This website creates an effective online learning environment where students can find skilled and talented tutors and attend online sessions.

Professional editing services at Help.PlagTracker

Plag tracker help web

PlagTracker, If you want to inspire your students to learn more, you will have to collect resources and write supplementary material for the class yourself. However, that material will require professional editing before you share it with your students. Their criticism about any small mistake you miss will be ruthless, and only a professional editing eye can polish out your writings to perfection.
The editing services at are highly professional, effective and affordable.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

KhanAcademy, This project is a huge factor in today’s education. Many teachers use Khan Academy as an excellent resource of lectures on math, finance, humanities, and science, as well as fun quizzes that make a nice addition to the materials for your classroom.
Also seen at social media tools for teachers and students, let’s use some of them.
By inspiring your students to use the extensive library of content featured at Khan Academy, you will have insight on how their learning is progressing on the website.


manga high website

MangaHigh, If you thought that teaching mathematics cannot be turned into a fun activity, you clearly haven’t seen MangaHigh. This website will offer you a wealth of games that will make this rather uninspiring subject interesting for your students. More learning tools for teachers.

Fun Brain

Fun brain site

Fun Brain, Young students can’t have enough of educational games, and this website is the best place to find what your classroom needs. The math and reading resources are the most popular sections of the website, but you should also check out the books and comics and recommend them as fun weekend reading material to your students.

Edu Creations

EduCreations, This is an extraordinary online tool for iPad that will allow you and your students to create educative videos on given topics. The tool is extremely easy to use and the results can be impressive. Educreations is perfect for preparing your lectures or enabling students to show what they have learned.


Animato figure

Animoto, Creating video-based presentations and lessons will boost your effectiveness as an educator, simply because students are attracted to visual material. Creating such lessons doesn’t have to involve a lot of effort when you use Animoto, which makes everything simple by providing you with all tools you could possibly need.

Being a teacher today can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you find yourself in this role and what you do to motivate yourself and your students to become better. With the right technology tools for educators, your teaching methods will become much more effective and you will soon notice how your students are getting more involved.
Technology has transformed every aspect of today’s life, and no area of communication is left without its influence. The communication within your classroom is not an exception, so you have to start using the right educational tools in order to connect with your students effectively.  

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