Top 10 Free Online Typing Games

Typing games teach you how to type on the keyboard and how to improve speed and accuracy as well as it’s a fun so you won’t get bored while playing it online for free.
We previously discussed about free online games for kids to give fun to your kids, instead of just that why not give them some typing games which will give them not just fun but also learning on how to type letters on keyboard.
There’re lots of typing games softwares but most of them are either trail versions or some of them does’t work on your PC due to compatibility issues with your Operating system.
The best choice is to use web based applications in our case typing online games which is cross platform for which you don’t need to download and install some application or a computer program which saves tons of your time as well as you don’t need to worry about working because they are browser based and such type of applications work on all operating systems and all computers.
If you can’t to type accurately you can’t to be a good web surfer, you can’t to use your PC effectively, so the first thing to learn how to use computer for work purpose you need learn to type and to improve your typing accuracy and the final one is to improve your speed of typing.

typing games online free

Such type of typing games allow you test your typing skills and give you suggestions on how to improve.
Here’s a list of free online games websites to find out more. In our today post I’ll be sharing with a list of top 10 free online typing games for kids as well some will be medium level users and some for advance users those who want to speed up typing and to enhance the accuracy on how to effectively type with less errors.
Here’s another resource for you, if you’d like to improve your English grammar then here’s the list of grammar check free online tools to make a choice.

Free Online Typing Games

Let’s get started to the list of typing games online free, I’ll be giving a short description to each one and then will take you to the web page to start playing as well as some tips and tricks and advices such as if you are a beginner so you should start with the easiest one. Once you learn enough how to type letters on keyboard without seeing the keyboard but only the computer screen then the time come to improve accuracy and to reduce typing errors. once you’re good with that then the final step is to increase typing speed. 
Once you think you’re good at typing then you should start typing practice so that you improve more and more and so on.

Typing Master Online games

Typing games lists by typing master

Typing master, The most popular typing learning software but as it’s not free and it give you a trail period after that it won’t run, however on their official website there are pretty much good games that you can try to learn how to type and to improve speed as well as fun especially for kids. Get started right now and try some of them. I’ll also recommend it for kids because they are simple and easy to play.

Spider Typer

Spider typer game

Spider Typer, An amazing and interesting typing game that you’ll surely enjoy, I guess it will be best for kids however any one can play and can increase typing speed. Here’s how to start, simply put both of your hands on keyboard and press letters that you see on the chameleons. Before even the game start, it will give you option to choose one such as easy, medium and hard. I’ll suggest you to choose the first one if you’re new to typing and have’t any skills.

Fun to Type

fun to type homepage

Fun to type is a website that offer you lots of games to learn how to type and increase speed. Feature games includes keyboard ninja, zombie dinosaurs, plants vs zombies, zombie defender, type a balloon, type toss, typing monster, air typer, keyboard climber and lots of other. Simply read the description on how to get started and use keyboard for playing. 

Keyboard Games for Kids

keyboarding games

Keyboard Games, These are simple type of typing games especially for kids to learn how to use keyboard for typing, one should use if new to computer keyboarding. Once you learn enough then should try others to increase speed and accuracy with lessons and courses.

Spacebar Invaders

spacebar invaders

SpaceBar Invaders, Another amazing game to learn how to type as well as to do further practices. Strange creatures are wiggling their way down from outerspace. Type the words or group of letters under the creatures before reach the bottom of the game. Bonuse points for UPOS! Get started and choose the level such as the beginner mode or intermediate or advance and then choose a lessons. There are a variety of lessons you can choose from.

Desert Typing Racer

Desert typing racer

Desert Typing Racer, Type the word or group of letters above the cars. Only cars in the middle of road can hit you. Use the space bar to jump. Look for repair trucks for car health and jumber trucks to jump more. Have fun! Let’s get started by choosing difficulty mode and then a lesson.


keyman gameplay

KeyMan, Another game, it’s basically mirrored to the pacman pc game and made to learn to type and do practices. Start by clicking the play button. press keyboard buttons next to the Pacman and finish the balls. Compare to other games being shared in this post this one is more interesting.



AlphaAttach, Powered by Another typing game to have fun as well as to improve accuracy and do practices. Simply start by clicking the play button and then new game. You can also do your own settings and if you’ve a cheat code you can enter it too.

Olympic Typing Game

Olympic typing game mode

Olympic Typing Game, The last one in our list. It’s the most popular typing game you’ll surely enjoy playing. Wait for the game to load and then click play button to start. You’ll be given lots of challenges to face that will not just improve your typing speed but also have fun.

These were some of the most popular and highest rated free online typing games, I hope that you’ll like them and that they will be useful for you. Although there were lots of free typing games we discussed read the description to choose one that is best for you. 
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