5 Ways Internet Users Can Make Money Online

As a college student, I have very limited time on my hands. Having to work a regular schedule of 30 plus hours a week was not cutting it anymore. The further I got into my education, the more I found myself asking off of work for club meetings, group projects, or homework. I craved flexibility and variety when it came to making money. Eventually, I had to get creative and use the internet to seek my fortune.Using internet Here are my experiences when it comes to the best ways of making money online.

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Online Surveys

If you google how to make money online, survey sites will probably be the first links to generate. I’ve tried my fair share of online surveys. Although you can make some money on these sites, don’t expect to make a lot. If you want your opinion heard while making a little cash, this is the best way to go. Try Swagbucks or MySurvey.

Online Tutoring

I just started using Studypool this month and have really enjoyed it. I love that Studypool uses PayPal to issue payment on questions almost instantly. As a tutor, you can choose questions you are interested in answering. So, if you did well in a class last semester, put that knowledge to good use and help another student out. You can also build a network with the students you have previously helped and gain a following of students who will invite you to answer more question. Not only will you make money, but you will also gain a rewarding experience.

Become a Brand Ambassador

If you are a keen salesperson and like to talk to people then you should try being a Brand Ambassador. I currently work with Victory Agency, AssistMarking, and Quality Brand Promotions. These are all sites where you can sign up for gigs to promote big-name products such as Five Hour Energy, Polaroid, or Samsung. Usually, these gigs are in the form of passing out complimentary samples around campuses. My favorite gig was promoting an upcoming Pitbull concert that was coming to my town.
These next few are not completely online. (You may be required to wear clothes and show up somewhere)

Delivery Service

Imagine if Uber was a food delivery service… have you imagined it yet? Well, it exists in the form of Tapingo! Tapingo is an app where you can deliver fast food to dorms and apartments near your campus. If you know your area well and can stack orders, this will be an easy way to make money. If you don’t have a car, no worries, Tapingo also has positions for bike courier. This app allows you to choose your own hours or pays by the delivery. Other apps like Tapingo include Favor and Grubhub.

Babysitting Sittercity

and Care.com are awesome sites to find babysitting gigs in your area. They also include senior companion jobs and pet sitting. Seriously, who doesn’t like to get paid for playing with animals? These sites allow you to scope out the babysitting scène to find a job that will fit your schedule and pay needs. When I was 18, I used Sittercity to find a job as a nanny for a year and it ended up being one of the best jobs I ever had.

Pick, choose and try them out. Being time constrained no longer has to disable people’s ability to make money.

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