10 Word Cloud Generator Online Tools

A Word Cloud catch users eye and is the most amazing way to get your viewers understand the subject in less time easily. There’re tons of word cloud maker softwares and online creator applications but one can’t to check one by one to pick up the best to accomplish a small task.
That’s why I’ve decided to list all word cloud generator online tools besides the wordle which is the most popular among them and then let you decide which one to use.
A word document made of text is boring to read and requires time, why not present it in cloud format so that  all points are arranged in semantic manner.
We previously discussed data visualization tools for visualizing data for better understanding as well create graphs and charts online tools so that the readers easily pick the important points of your presentation and understand the topic better.
If you need to design the image further then you should try online photo editing sites and once you’re done then you’re good to go to put the picture on proper place.
We recently talked about online video editing tools for multimedia files manipulations where you can also embed word cloud made pictures.
word cloud generator
The above image is generated using Wordle word cloud generator as you can see the words which are repeated the most are greatly highlighted. Hence it’s easy to know instead of reading large document file.
You can use such type of applications in two ways, one is to enter a set of text which is the easy way and for most of the peoples while the second method is to submit a website URL, in our case Blog URL and it will retrieve the text from the homepage and will make a graphic made of word clouds.

Word Cloud Generator Online Tools

A few days ago, I had final year project presentation and I thought instead of making lots of slides if there could be a way that I made one picture that shows all the features of my project sorted by the most important but as I was’t good in Photoshop and other graphic designing softwares so I ignored it.
Today when I was researching and surfing on the internet I found some tools that can generate word cloud, Unfortunately I did’t use it in my presentation but in future I’ll use them and you should also try using.
The purpose is to convey your  message in a very short time and thus I believe word cloud could be the best option where the most amazing thing is that you don’t need to have photo editing skills and don’t need to spend time on designing the image.


wordle examples

Wordle Word Cloud Generator  is the most popular and easy to use word cloud maker with beautiful words, To get started you’ll need to have Java installed on your Web browser as well have the latest version of it, once you’ve it then go to www.Wordle.Net and click create to create your first words cloud graphic.

Abc Ya

abc ya text box where you can insert text

AbcYa word cloud generator Confused? It’s a domain name of another word cloud creator application which is available for online use, it’s quite similar to Wordle we previously reviewed.


tagul shapes

Tagul is another web based word cloud generator for making fancy words, it’s best if you’re going to present a topic like SEO or teaching to class students about a certain subject.

Word it Out

word it out button the text and live preview

Word it Out is another easy to use word cloud maker online tool, compare to the above discussed generators it’s best for advance features if you’d like to avail.

Tag Cloud generator

Tag Cloud generator is the amazing one,Compare to other word cloud generator it’s not fancier because of having less graphics and less amount of words displayed in the picture. However you can give it a try and can make most out of it.

Word Mosaic Maker

word cloud visualization

Try Word Mosaic, If we talk about styling, it’s very much different from the above, it’s best if you would like to make kinds of shapes and then use them in document files.

You are Your Words

You are Your Words is an interesting domain name, right? It’s another web based application for creating clouds of words easily and quickly with a few mouse clicks.

Tag Crowd

Tag croud interface figure

Tag crowd is one of the best online tool for making word clouds graphics and then using them in power point presentations as well as for other teaching purposes.

These were the top rated word cloud generator online tools, I hope that they will be useful for you and that you’ll get benefits from them, although there were lots of tools we discussed and some like TagXedo, Word Shift and Vocab Grabber are also need to be tried, Pick up a best according to the type of work you want to get from these type of graphics.
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